In the MakerSpace with Wick-It Grip

There is a myriad of resources available here at the University of Washington for any students looking to create something of their own. Learn how the team at Wick-It Grip used the MakerSpace on campus to influence the future of gaming equipment!

Wick-It Grip
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When our team ran into issues getting the tools and expertise to complete our product, a fellow student recommended we check out the UW Makerspace. This place was a DIY dream for anybody like us that had an idea and wanted to see it come to life. With laser cutters, 3D printers, woodshop, VR/AR equipment, and other awesome stuff that I wished I knew how to use, the only limitation in what we could develop was our own imagination. The staff was incredibly helpful and gave us guidance when we needed to convert our files into a format the laser cutter could recognize, walking us through the cutting process. Having the Makerspace available to us at no cost was essential to making our product design a reality.

- Ross Todrzak (Founder)

Launch Event

A huge thank you to everyone that came out and participated in our first tabling event last Thursday! We had a wide variety of student groups that sold with us in The Quad! The nine teams included SnackAttack, ViridiTea, Four Columns Ginger Beer, Kuma Kuma, Ajar Pickled Goods, Whimsy Card Game, Lit Candles Co., Be Better, and Caffeinade. If you were unable to check it out, we will be hosting another event this Thursday the 26th, from 10-2PM in The Quad. Hope to see you there!