Our Team

We are an incredibly hard-working team with the goal of helping other students wishing to pursue their dreams by starting a business.


Kasey Truong, CCO

Kasey is a Senior studying Psychology with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He has a passion for community, friendship, and bringing people together to embrace and enjoy life. In the future, Kasey hopes increase the world's positive vibes.


Sophia Hitsky, CIO

Sophia is a Senior majoring in Communications and double minoring in Entrepreneurship and Diversity. In her free time, she loves to thrift, rework clothes, and be outdoors. In the fall Sophia plans on pursuing a masters degree in Digital Media and Communications at the University of Washington.  


Conor Reiland, CTO

Conor is a Junior Informatics major and Entrepreneurship minor. When he's not studying, programming, or working on his professional photography business, he enjoys hiking, camping, biking, and everything to do with music. After graduating, Conor hopes to start his own software company.


Jacob Olian, CMO and CFO

Jacob is a Senior Civil Engineering major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He loves listening to music every waking hour of the day, finding a new restaurant, drinking wacky beer, and getting comfy in front of a good episode of Star Trek. Jacob hopes to be involved in companies that help others.


Jared Pearson, CEO

Jared is a Senior Psychology major and Entrepreneurship minor. He's driven by a passion for emerging technologies and business, looking forward to future involvement in the startup space. He also loves cats and hopes to breed Bengals after finishing his career, click here to see a picture of his two cats.

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